Communication System Guides, Instructions, and Reference Sheets

We know there is a lot to take in and learn when telecommunication and communication systems are installed. Here at Hampton Tel we take customer service very seriously. If you are having trouble finding the help you need or experience any form of confusion please don’t hesitate to Contact us. Our experts will be more than glad to help! Below you can find Communication System User Guides that will help you learn everything there is to know about your configuration and Telecommunications settings.

Functioning as the premier Telecommunications Specialists throughout Monmouth County and New Jersey, our number one goal with each and every customer is their total satisfaction. Our experts are fully trained and will work with you to ensure that your new system meets your functional and operational requirements now and in the future. We want to ensure you are getting the best help and service available which is why we have provided all the supplemental guides, reference sheets, and instructions for our communication products.

NEC User Guides & Reference Sheets

SL1100 Interactive Guide

SL1100 2015 Digital Telephone Quick Reference Sheet

SL1100 2015 InMail Quick Reference Sheet

SL1100 2015  IP Multi-Line Terminal User Guide

SL1100 2015  Multi-Line Terminal User Guide

SL1100 2015  Single-line Terminal User Guide

SMB Wireless-ML440-End-UserGuide


Samsung User Guides & Instructions

OfficeServ 7200S User Instructions

OfficeServ 7100 User Instructions

OfficeServ 7200 User Instructions

OfficeServ 7400 User Instructions

SMT IP Phone

Samsung OS 7000


Avaya User Guide

Avaya IP Office eBook


PARTNER® Advanced Communications System User Guides & Reference Sheets

Installationation Programming and User

Quick Reference Guide

Avaya feature code list for Partner-ACS

Avaya partner small office edition brochure

Configuration Guide – ACS R4 Broachure

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