Nortel Telecommunications Setup Monmouth County NJNortel Telecommunications System

Since its 1895 founding as Northern Electric and Manufacturing, supplying telecommunications equipment for Canada’s fledgling telephone system , Nortel has grown to become a global leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, power global commerce, and secure and protect the world’s most critical information. Hampton Telecommunications Specialists handles a wide range of Installation and services for a Nortel Telecommunications Setup throughout Monmouth County And New Jersey.

Nortel Telecommunications Setup

Get the most out of your maintenance contracts.
Clients have an option to participate in Hampton Telecommunications Specialists’ service and maintenance contracts that offer on-site coverage for all parts and labor. Please contact Hampton Telecommunications Specialists for details on a customized SILVER or GOLD SMC for your business.

Functioning as the premier Nortel Telecommunications System Specialists throughout Monmouth County and New Jersey, our number one goal with each and every customer is their total satisfaction. Our experts are fully trained and will work with you to ensure that your new Nortel Telecommunications Setup meets your functional and operational requirements now and in the future. Here at Hampton Tel we want to ensure you are getting the best help and service available. We take customer service very seriously. If you are having trouble finding the help you need or experience any form of confusion with the Nortel Telecommunications Setup, please don’t hesitate to Contact us. Our experts will be more than glad to help!

LAN/WAN Network Installation/Repair
Network Design
There are many reasons that a client may want Hampton Telecommunications Specialists to evaluate its network. Certainly, the primary objective behind every reason is to maximize system efficiency. Hampton Telecommunications Specialists begins the network design process by assisting the client define its network objectives. After a thorough review of the client’s network, we recommend a proficient layout for a new network or redesign of the current network layout that will operate at maximum efficiency. If new equipment or software is required, Hampton Telecomunications will recommend the most cost-effective and capable networking equipment and software solutions.
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Structured Wiring For Voice & Data Systems
Create a plan that includes your organization’s needs
A high percentage of the problems experienced with voice, data and video transmissions can be traced to connectivity problems. A properly structured cabling design by our well trained technicians will provide performance, reliability, and investment protection for your company.
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Nortel Telecommunications Setups We Service Throughout Monmouth County And New Jersey


  • Residential Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Doctors Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Department Store
  • Pharmacies
  • Funeral Homes
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Health Clubs
  • And More!