Getting Started with an Avaya Office Network Setup in your Monmouth County and New Jersey Establishment

The AVAYA IP Office Telephone System is one of the world’s most successful telecommunications platforms with well over 100,000 telephone systems having been installed globally. Functioning as the premier AVAYA IP Office Telephone System Specialists throughout Monmouth County and New Jersey, our number one goal with each and every customer is their total satisfaction.

Our experts are fully trained and will work with you to ensure that your new AVAYA IP Office Telephone System setup meets your functional and operational requirements now and in the future. Here at Hampton Tel we want to ensure you are getting the best help and service available in Monmouth County and New Jersey. We take customer service very seriously. If you are having trouble finding the help you need or experience any form of confusion with the AVAYA IP Office Telephone System setup, please don’t hesitate to Contact us. Our experts will be more than glad to help!

Avaya IP Office 500 V2

Avaya Office Network Setup Monmouth County NJ

The current version of the AVAYA IP Office telephone system we offer to the Monmouth County and New Jersey area is the AVAYA IP500v2. Each version of the IP Office uses similar software and licenses across the range and differ only in the hardware architecture. As the new software levels come out, they bring new features and older parts of the system such as hardware versions and handsets slowly become unsupported as the system refreshes. The software licenses and applications can always be retained thus protecting your investment in the solution.

Office Handsets

AVAYA IP Office telephone systems are normally deployed with either digital handsets, IP handsets or analogue handsets.


Since 2004, by far the most common AVAYA handset was the AVAYA DS5410 digital station telephone (pictured below). There are also 5402 and 5420 variants (smaller and larger displays respectively).Avaya Office Network Setup

However, the 5400 series of digital handsets has recently been discontinued (early 2011).

There are now (Dec 2011) two ranges of digital telephones – a budget range and a more expensive range. Both have an extensive number of buttons.

The budget range comprises the 1403, 1408 and 1416 handsets. For most users, the 1408 handsets will be sufficient. This handset has a large display with 8 programmable keys so this provides easy access to the most used features. If your Monmouth County establishment is quite large then we would suggest the 1416 – having double the amount of programmable keys – 16. The 1403 could be used for meeting rooms or for users that don’t have a high requirement for telephony features.

Avaya Office Network Setup


Avaya Office Network SetupThe most popular IP Phones that are current are the 1600 series phones and the 9600 phones. The 1600 range handsets are the most affordable to buy.

The AVAYA 1608 IP telephone is very popular. The AVAYA 1616 IP telephone is an excellent telephone for busy users.



If you would like to enable users to make voice and video calls at your Monmouth County establishment then look no further than the IP Office Softphone – using SIP based standards.

Standard features of the Softphone include:

– Call display and message waiting indicator (MWI).

– Speakerphone and mute.

– Redial, hold and Do Not Disturb (DND).

– Call history – list of received, missed and dialled calls.

– Access to IP Office directory.

– Call forward.

– Call transfer.

Softphone Client Mode

Avaya Office Network SetupThe IP Office video Softphone provides its own user interface, which is similar to a standard IP Office telephone, for making calls, transferring calls, multiple call appearances or making conference calls. The programmable feature button list allows one touch access to standard IP Office features. The user interface is flexible, allowing adjustment for personal preferences with detachable specific windows like the directory and call log window.

The Softphone can also be configured to be minimized to the system tray when not in use to smaller or larger configurations to save desk-space.

Application Mode

In application mode the IP Office Video Softphone runs in the background and standard call control is accomplished through one-X portal for IP Office.

When run with one-X portal Softphone provides the following additional values:

– Consistent used interface when using one-X portal with a desktop phone in telecommuter mode or in combination with Softphone.

– Off-line call log with updates even when Softphone is not logged in.

– Additional features of one-X portal e.g. presence and instant messaging.

Video Support

As well as audio calls IP Office video softphone supports end to end video calls on a single IP Office or within an IP Office small community network. Currently video is limited to end to end calls and does not support multi-party conferencing. Video adds a new level of interaction to standard phone communication. This is especially useful for remote workers or home workers who need to get hold of colleagues in the office. Below is a picture of the AVAYA IP Office Video Softphone.

Licensing and Provisioning

The IP Office Softphone forms part of the Teleworker and Power User profile. Users can log onto the Softphone using their normal username and password. Unlike the AVAYA hard phones, IP Office Video Softphone does not require an AVAYA IP Phone License to work on IP Office.

Supported Audio and Video Hardware

The IP Office Video Softphone can run with any windows sound device supporting full duplex quality. IF possible audio devices are automatically detected and allocated to the Softphone. IP Office Video Softphone supports simultaneous operation of two sound devices e.g. a headset or USB handset for normal calls and a USB hands free unit for hands free operation. It is also possible to switch between the two sound devices at any time during a call. Similar to a desktop phone for easy use the Softphone supports USB devices for audio as well as for call control e.g. accepting and terminating a call.

Languages Supported

The following languages are supported on the IP Office Video Softphone:

– English.

– French.

– German.

– Spanish.

– Italian.

– Portuguese.

– Simplified Chinese.

Office Phone Manager

The AVAYA IP Office Phone Manager application enables the user to control their telephone from their PC. It is available in three versions; Phone Manager Lite, Phone Manager Pro and Phone Manager PC Softphone VoIP mode.

Phone Manager Lite is the most basic of the three variants and comes as standard with the IP Office 500 telephone system. Officially AVAYA have dropped Phone Manager (as of January 2012) which we consider to be a negative as it is such a good product. However as Level 8.0 software is still so new we have not yet had the chance to test the compatibility of Phone manager with Release 8.0 . For more information on this please contact us. Phone Manager Lite provides advanced call control features including:

– The ability to make,receive and deal with calls through using your PC. Calls can be transferred, parked, held, conferenced etc using your mouse on the screen

– Configure telephone preferences (Eg diverting calls and setting Absent Text messages) by simply pointing and clicking

– Configure keyboard shortcuts.

– Show the caller ID/name.

– Create speed dials (maximum of 15).

– Create Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) using speed dials (maximum of 15). BLF shows the status of other extensions

– Collect new voicemail messages.

– Conference control display.


Phone Manager Pro

A Phone Manager Pro license key is required for each Phone Manager Pro user. If insufficient licenses are available then Phone Manager will operate in Lite mode.

Phone Manager Pro builds on Phone Manager Lite with the following extra features:

– Voicemail box control from the application (intuity and and IP Office modes).

– Screen pop contacts.

– Additional call logs showing inbound and outbound calls separately. Call logs also show call duration.

– Agent mode.

– Apply PIN restrictions.

– Transfer calls using drap and drop.

– Telecommuter mode.


Phone Manager Pro PC Softphone

This is for remote workers and allows the user to make their PC their telephone using IP (VoIP). Conversations take place through a sound card headset / handset. Both a “Phone Manager Pro” and a “Phone Manager Pro IP Audio enabled” license key are required for each user.


PARTNER® Advanced Communications System

Avaya Office Network SetupThe PARTNER® Advanced Communications System is a great choice for any establishment or business in Monmouth County NJ. The processor module supports five incoming lines and nine extensions with a maximum configuration of 21 lines and 44 extensions, or 31 lines and eight extensions. The processor module can operate on its own or can be used with a 2- or 5-slot carrier and additional expansion modules. Expansion modules can be used to add lines and extensions to the system, or additional capabilities such as voice messaging and fractional T1 support.


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